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It is growing fast, supported by a community of individuals and enterprises, and creates a standard platform we can all build on. That's why we believe OpenStack represents the best of what technology offers.


Virtualization Solution enables multiple OS implementation on one system, or server while sharing the hardware resources simultaneously. In recent years, sharing these resources on one computer or server between Software Service Provides has become one of the top interests among experts, and many major companies have heavily invested in economical as well as research aspects of this technology.
Through application of today's Global Technology such as oVirt, RHEV, and Xen, INNFINISION, has created a safe infrastructure for implementation of this technology. As a host in such infrastructure, all LINUX Distributions, provides security, stability, and high accessibility, is the best infrastructure to implement such projects.

Servcies Based on Open Solutions

In open technologies, Only Red Hat® Enterprise Virtualization and oVirt offers complete enterprise virtualization management for servers and desktops on the same infrastructure. Built on Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, it delivers reliable business agility and continuity for critical Linux and Microsoft Windows workloads at the scale you need. And because it's part of Red Hat Cloud Infrastructure, you can prepare for the cloud for a lot less than proprietary virtualization solutions.
Datacenter complexity is overwhelming. But Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization and Red Hat CloudForms provide 1 easy-to-use management environment for your entire virtualization infrastructure—including provisioning, deployment, and analysis. Manage tens, hundreds, or thousands of physical and virtual servers as easily as 1, and more accurately forecast hardware resources.